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Nilorn Design


Fashion branding is what we do best. Whether we are creating you a whole new brand identity or adding the finishing touches to your collection, our experienced, multi skilled, in-house design and development team deliver creative, intelligent and original solutions to any brief. Our design team have a wealth of experience across many fields and have used those skills to assist some of the world’s biggest brands.

While we are aware of the creative needs of our clients, we are also fully versed in all the technical requirements of achieving those needs. Our thorough understanding of what it takes to design and manage a range from inception through to production results in solutions that are both aesthetically creative as well as creatively functional.

Our clients appreciate our expertise and often ask us to take part in their own design process at an early stage. This inevitably saves them not only time and money, but insures they get the best product possible. As we have a strong relationship and knowledge of the brands we work with, we act as brand guardians to make sure that all designs that go through our studio adhere to our clients strong brand image.


• Fashion Branding
• Corporate Identity
• Graphic Design
• Packaging Design
• Art-working
• Brand Guardians


  • Portlan Blue Range
  • Royal Denim Range
  • Ski or Die Range
  • Whyte Industries Range

Adding value to your brand and improving the overall shopping experience for your customers is our goal. Nilorn Group constantly develops and manufactures outstandingly innovative and creative concept ranges that demonstrate the latest materials and techniques in all areas of labeling and product that we supply. In addition, they also look at the placement of the labels. Innovative locations that surprise and create function are an important part of the concept.

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Branding & design 2015


BRANDING&design is a bi-anual magazine produced by Nilorn Group containing a mix of articles, interviews and a close look at current trends. If you like our publications and feel you could use our services, please email us and we can send one of our representatives to give you a FREE hard copy and discuss how we could work together with you in the future.

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