Environmentally-Friendly Products & Offer


Nilorn offers a complete branding package with emphasis on a customer’s image, profile and identity. We want to be the first choice for those who care about the environment. The Nilorn product line contains a variety of branding including everything from woven labels to packaging and accessories.

Materials and Production

Our designers work very closely, together with our sourcing and product development team, in order to search and find materials which are environmental friendly. Consumers are purchasing with greater awareness as the choice of material and country of origin are receiving renewed attention. Our goal is to provide more environmentally friendly products without compromising the design integrity. Nilorn can offer a range of different materials for a variation of usage. Paper, textiles, packaging and buttons are a few examples. In addition, we always include environmental friendly products in our yearly conceptual collections. For almost any product you desire, there is an environmentally friendly alternative.

Logistics and Production

At Nilorn we believe the supply chain plays an important role in reducing environmental pollution. We have a philosophy of being close to our clients. This means we are always able to deliver labels within 48 hours. By reducing the supply chain we help to reduce transport and distribution which saves energy consumption. Thanks to our web solution for the client and manufacturer, we can ensure deliveries and obtain updated information, in real time, anywhere in the world.

Another important aspect for us is the transport size of the product. In the design process, we work intensively with construction and sizes in order to optimize transports. Flat packing boxes and bags are an example of this.