Annual general meeting

The highest governing body is the general meeting in which all shareholders are entitled to participate. The meeting has the right to decide all matters not contrary to Swedish law. At the Meeting, shareholders exercise their voting rights to make decisions regarding the composition of the board, auditors and other key issues such as the adoption of the company’s balance sheet and income statement, disposition of result and discharge of directors and chief executive officer. Shareholders may apply to the board to have a matter addressed at the Annual General Meeting or the Board of recommendations for Board members. In order to get a case dealt wit h at the general meeting, the shareholder must request it in writing to the Board. Such request must be received no later than one week before the date of notice of the meeting by law at the earliest, i.e no later than seven weeks before the meeting.


Upcoming annual general meeting

The annual general meeting will be held in Borås on May 14, 2024.