Proposed Resolutions for the Annual General Meeting of Nilörn Group on May 14, 2024; new elections proposed by Annika Elfström and Per Wagnås.

At the time of the notice of the annual general meeting, there was no finalized proposal for the board of directors, chairman of the board, and remuneration. Nilörn’s main owner, AB Traction, which holds a majority of the votes in Nilörn Group, has announced the following proposal:

Point 9 Determination of the number of board members and alternates: Proposal: 6 members and no alternates.

Point 10 Determination of remuneration for the board and auditor: Proposal: 140,000 SEK/member (120,000 SEK), 280,000 SEK for the chairman (240,000 SEK), totaling 980,000 SEK. Remuneration for the auditor according to approved invoice.

Point 11 Election of board members and chairman of the board. Proposal: Re-election of Ankie Hvittfeldt, Magnus Johansson, Johan Larsson, and Petter Stillström. New election of Annika Elfström and Per Wagnås. Re-election of Petter Stillström as chairman of the board.

Brief presentation of the proposed members:

Annika Elfström, born: 1975, MSc Computer Science. CIO at AB Lindex and member of the executive management since 2019. Annika is an experienced, driven, and engaged leader with broad and extensive experience in the IT field. Annika has held several leading positions within the Stena Group since 2002, most recently as Chief Digital Transformation Officer, and before that various managerial roles in technology development, innovation, and digital business development.

Per Wagnås, born 1960, Market Economist. Sweden Manager of Wenaas Workear since 2022. Per has a background in both retail and international fashion and workwear industry. Previously active in Hultafors, CEO of the protective clothing company Puvab AB, marketing manager for Oscar Jacobson and Stenströms, and CEO of Newhouse AB. Per has also been active in Nilörn Group and was a member of the executive management with various responsibilities from 2004 to 2011.

Presentation of the current board of directors is available on Nilörn’s website.

Of the proposed members, all are independent of the company and all, except Petter Stillström, are independent of the owners.


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