Period January – March

  • Order intake increased by 5 percent to MSEK 233 (223)
  • Revenue increased by 10 percent to MSEK 242 (221)
  • Revenue adjusted for currency effects amounted to MSEK 243 (221), i.e., an underlying organic increase of 10 percent
  • Operating profit amounted to MSEK 22.5 (16.9)
  • Net profit for the period amounted to MSEK 16.7 (11.1)
  • Earnings per share amounted to SEK 1.46 (0.97)
  • Net cash excluding IFRS 16 amounted to MSEK 8 (43)


Significant during the quarter

  • The board has decided to propose to the annual general meeting a dividend of SEK 1.00 (5.00) per share, equivalent to MSEK 11.4 (57.0)
  • Nilorngruppen has initiated a strategic collaboration with Worldfavor, strengthening the Nilorn:CONNECT solution and offer to our customers on their journey towards the Digital Product Passport.


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General about Nilörn Group 

Nilörn Group is a global company, founded in the 1970s, with expertise in how to add value to brands through branding and design in the form of labels, packaging and accessories, primarily to customers in the fashion and clothing industry. Nilörn Group offers complete, creative and tailor-made concepts in branding, design, product development and logistical solutions. The Group operates through its own companies in Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Hong Kong, India, Turkey, China, Bangladesh, Italy, Switzerland, Vietnam, USA and Pakistan. See also: