Completed proposals for decision-making points at the Annual General Meeting of the Nilörngruppen on 3 May 2022; new election proposed by Ann-Christine Hvittfeldt and Magnus Johansson

 Prior to the Annual General Meeting of Nilörngruppen on 3 May 2022, the company’s main owner AB Traction has submitted the following supplementary proposal in accordance with the notice published on 25 April 2022. Traction owns approximately 58% of the votes in the company.

Item 9. The number of board members is proposed unchanged at five and no deputy board members.

Item 10. The fee for the board is proposed to be SEK 120,000 (SEK 100,000) per member and SEK 240,000 (SEK 200,000) to the chairman, a total of SEK 720,000.

Item 11. Re-election is proposed by the board members Henrik Lange, Johan Larsson, and Petter Stillström. New elections are proposed by Ann-Christine Hvittfeldt and Magnus Johansson. It is proposed that Petter Stillström be re-elected Chairman of the Board.

Ann-Christine Hvittfeldt is currently working as a supervisor for the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s CEO network EXEC, chairman of Brålanda Industri AB, Berlex AB and Netgroup Engineering AB. In addition, a member of i.a. Luftfartsverket, Skaraborgs Ortopedservice AB, Vadsbo SwitchTech Group AB and Intereast Transport AB. Former member of several companies including Green Cargo. Ann-Christine has significant operational experience in transport and logistics in companies such as Volvo, Speedcargo AB and Hemtex. Ann-Christine, born 1966 with a degree in economics.

Magnus Johansson is today global marketing manager at Picadeli AB, market leader in self-picking salad through its high-tech salad bars with operations in seven markets in Europe and the USA. Former marketing director at, amongst others, Gina Tricot AB and MQ Retail AB. Magnus has significant operational experience in brand strategies and digitization. Magnus, born 1973, has a master’s degree from the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg.

Both Ann-Christine Hvittfeldt and Magnus Johannsson are independent of the Nilörngruppen and its main owners and do not own any shares in the Nilörngruppen.


Borås the 26th of April 2022

Nilörngruppen AB (publ)

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